the blink of the creative mass

From March to July 2017, the multi-tier MaD Festival explores sustainable progress of the creative industries at local, regional and international levels.

Scheduled for 21-23 July, the International Assembly will be a climatic finale. International changemakers and 1,300 MaDees from all over Asia will gather in Hong Kong for “The Blink of the Creative Mass.”


The Blink of the Creative Mass

In 2002, economist and social scientist Richard FLORIDA put forth the idea of the “creative class.” His argument is that an emergent class of knowledge-based workers would become a new economic force and usher in a major shift from traditional agriculture- or industry-based economies.
“The Blink of the Creative Mass” calls for an update:
  • With a greater degree of citizen participation enabled by new technologies and social structures, how can we democratize creative practices and expand the “creative class” to the “creative mass”?
  • In view of the social and ecological needs of our time, what new metrics, beside economic value, should we envision for creative success?
  • If innovation is a force, how can it transcend a simplistic pursuit of the new and act as a binding agent for different aspects of sustainable development?
21 Jul – 23 Jul 2017 (Fri – Sun)
21 Jul (evening), 22 – 23 Jul (whole day)
(Programme timetable will be announced later)
Main Venue
Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong