Industry Exchange

From April to June 2017, MaD supported four groups of Hong Kong architects / designers (KaCaMa, Kevin CHEUNG, HOUR25 and DOMAT) to research on sustainable design and social architecture in various Asian regions. Join Asia Exchange Programme Showcases, Community Screenings and International Assembly to hear their learning and reflections!

KaCaMa Design Lab

Co-founded by three graduates, Kay, Catherine and Match, from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2011, who specialize in reusing post-consumer waste materials. KaCaMa hope their product not only can delight people’s lives and instill eco-awareness in its users, but also can establish contact with local enterprises, handcraft men and local cultures. During their exchange trip in Japan, they have studied various cases related to sustainable design, such as Miyama in Fukuoka. This town has developed solar energy to bring social changes and develop a sustainable economy. KaCaMa also organized a mobile market in Japan to boost the cultural exchange with the Japanese through the Hong Kong hand-made salted-fish sauce.


Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with major of Product Design. Kevin devotes himself in developing upcycling products and raising public’s eco-awareness. At the same time, he believes that designers have the ability and obligation to protect the environment in order to sustain the balance between the eco-system, economy and the society. He is good at turning the waste into attractive and durable artworks and products. During his exchange in Japan, he has been to the world’s first “Zero Waste” town, Kamikatsu in Tokushima, to experience the local green lifestyle. He has visited the local recyclable collection point that has classified the trash into 54 categories. In his trip, he also shared and exchanged the upcycling products with the residents.


Believing that architecture is a practice to improve living environments and should be accessible to everyone, DOMAT strives to accommodate people’s needs and serve those who do not normally have access to architectural services. The not-for-profit studio’s portfolio includes home modifications for subdivided-flats, a rural school, hygiene facilities for a rural school, and waste recycling facilities for rural areas. With their involvement, children in low-income families can concentrate on their studies, rural children have access to better education, hygiene and waste environments. They draw blueprints for better lives.

HOUR25 Production

HOUR25 Production operates like superheroes in movies–founded by a group of architects with busy day jobs, it ventures to expand time and space in the 25th hour and beyond. Versatile in their use of media and methods, the team explores the ever-changing city fabrics. From opening up public space with portable Lawn Runners, to promoting sustainability with City Bike Parking Devices, crafting communal spaces for different habitats and experimenting on co-housing, they respond to social situations with architectural ideas.