Asian Participants Subsidy Scheme

MaD is the most diverse network of aspiring Asian changemakers. In the past seven years, thanks to our sponsors, we have managed to bring over 1,000 young people from all provinces of China and many other Asian countries and regions to Hong Kong. At MaD 2016, we were able to support over 150 young people from 30 countries and regions in Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand etc.

About MaD and MaD Festival 2017

MaD (Make a Difference) is a sustainable regional platform aiming to inspire Asian young people to make good use of creativity for positive personal, economic and social change. We facilitate aspiring changemakers to gain awareness, acquire knowledge and take actions through programmes on personal discovery, creativity and innovation. MaD Festival comprises an international assembly, multifaceted satellite outreach programmes before and after the international assembly, and a Web 2.0 platform (

The long-term goal of MaD is to nurture a more active and creative civil society. Young people joining the MaD Festival 2017, as well as our other activities, are exposed to the values and knowledge conducive to positive social change. We hope participants will see that, despite the many challenges of our time, they can all be active agents and proactively create a fairer, greener and happier future for themselves and other people.

Date: 21–23 July 2017

Venue: Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

Participants: most people are young, between the age of 18 and 35.

Language: most programmes are in English and simultaneous translation is available for all talks at MaD Festival 2017.

Tel: +852 3996 1953


FAQs – Asian Subsidy Scheme

Why the subsidy is not in full amount?
MaD believes in the power and creativity of the young, and we believe that applicants are capable to cover part of their expenses through alternative and carbon-low modes of consumption

What is the subsidy for?
We subsidize areas of transportation, accommodation and food. All successful applicants will be given a free ticket to attend the 2.5-day Forum of Mad Festival 2017.

Who is responsible for organizing matters on accommodation?
Applicants will be responsible for organizing matters on accommodation. We will establish facebook group for successful applicants to facilitate applicants to share resources and information

How about issues on VISA application?
Successful applicants will have to handle all matters as incurred from application of VISA.


MaD will be conducted in what language(s)?
MaD will provide simultaneous interpreting and our dialogues will be conducted in Chinese, English and Mandarin

Will there be activities throughout the 3 days? Where can we find the details?
There will be a variety of activities throughout the three days, for details you can refer to our website, we will keep you posted and please stay tuned

If my application is unsuccessful, could I still join MaD Festival 2017?
Unsuccessful applicants could still join our Festival, but expenses on transportation, accommodation and admission fee will not be covered. Applicants could apply through general application which details will be released in mid April 2017.


Are there any general principles for reimbursement?

  1. With official and valid receipts and to be reimbursed in U.S. dollars
  2. If the receipt is issued in Hong Kong, it will be reimbursed in U.S. dollars
  3. The amount of reimbursement shall be equal to the approved amount
  4. The claimant will not be valid if it does not the mentioned criteria

What are the procedures and requirements of reimbursement?

  1. To bring along valid receipts to the location according to the time stipulated, no reimbursement will be provided for latecomers
  2. Valid receipts include:
    Transportation: Plane ticket (please acquire from provider in advance), other receipts on transportation;
    Accommodation: Official receipts as issued by hotels, hostels etc.
    Applicants will be provided an expense claim form by MaD on the day of reimbursement, and to complete:
  3. All the claimant details shall be hand-written;
  4. The information on the expense claimant form shall be consistent with the information of applicants’ application form;
  5. If the total sum of the receipts exceed the approved amount to be reimbursed, the latter shall be the maximum amount to be reimbursed;
  6. Applicants shall not authorize any third party to complete the foresaid claimant procedures

Who should be the addressee of the receipts?
The addressee of the receipts (e.g. transportation, accommodation) must be the full name of the applicants, else the receipt could not be reimbursed.

If there are more than a person to share a room, how will the receipt be reimbursed?

  1. If the room is shared with MaDees, one of the MaDees should hold the original copy of the receipt, and the others hold a copied receipt, and bring it along for reimbursement
  2. If the room is shared with non-MaDees, the receipt addressee should bring along the original copy for reimbursement, else receipt could not be reimbursed

If the accommodation expense is paid by HK dollar, which currency will be used for reimbursement?
The receipts will be reimbursed in the US currency

In addition to transportation and accommodation expenses, are there any other area of expenses eligible to be covered?
We provide a miscellaneous claimant for local transportation and meals, with a maximum of HKD 100 per day (altogether 3 days)

What to do if the original copy of the receipt is lost?
We are sorry that expenses will not be reimbursed without the original copy of the receipt