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Madam ZI Zhongyun


Veteran Scholar and Translator

Madam ZI Zhongyun is respectfully addressed with the Chinese honorific xiansheng, which means "a virtuous and knowledgeable elder." With a masterful command of English and French, she is an expert in international politics and American studies. The Former Director of The Institute of American Studies at The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is now an Honorary Member and Senior Fellow of the Academy. Her prolific scholarly outputs include publications on Sino-American and international studies, as well as a good number of anthologies. Her latest book, You Qin Yi Zhang 有琴一張 (literally, "there is a piano"), is a biography woven together with her reflections on music. She is also noted for her concern for philanthropy and charities, and was the first Chinese scholar to look into American philanthropic foundations. Her publications in this area have significant impact on corporations and NGOs in Mainland China.

An exceptional intellectual noted for her erudition across cultures, Madam ZI champions independent thinking. Her analyses of international situations, history and national issues, social and current affairs, education, art and culture, etc are all perspicuous and candid. In the preface to Dushuren De Chushi Yu Rushi 讀書人的出世與入世 (The Scholar's Contemplative and Worldly Life), she writes, "This assortment of essays conveys an unwavering pursuit that has grown stronger with time. What am I after? It is hard to elucidate. If it must be put into words, it is a quest for truth, virtue and beauty."