Free Market
22 JUL 2017 (Sat)
Time: 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Venue: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (135 Junction Road, Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

Free for all!

Participating Stalls


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Co-creative Partners
What did we exchange with soil?

Urban development is heading to a dead end when we pour concrete on soil. Plastic and food waste produced would only pile up in landfills, emitting toxic gas and polluting the soil. What should we do to have a fairer exchange with our land and soil?

Let’s plant to learn about the soil first and face the problems we have created. Action!

Co-creative Partner: Daily Practices with Nature

Give and Take

Come and share a regretful story of yours in this city. Either a piece of memory of your own, or some affection you have with the city. Leave it and take one from a total stranger. Enjoy this experience of “Give and Take.”

Co-creative Partner: Dok Dok Dei

Mobile Learning Cart x Pop-up Market Models

In the past, markets to children, were happy playgrounds and places selling their stuff — just that this is not happening anymore. In fact, how do children make sense of “markets”?

The artist, Ann NG, will set up a mobile learning cart. She will bring illustration books and make pop-up market models with children to let their voices be heard!

Co-creative Partner: Little Green Feet×Ann NG

Community Closet

Who is to determine the value of a piece of clothing?

We tend to forget the memories that clothes carry; what if we let them speak?

“Community Closet” tries to look into or retain the diversified economic models in a community. With a mobile closet containing second-hand clothes, they would try their hands at clothes bartering, clothes crossing, selling at base prices and free pricing. This is to bring people closer together, discussing the value of second-hand stuff and remembering stories behind.

Co-creative Partner: Murmuring from the Closet

La Cucina Ciambottina

How difficult is it to stop buying food, but make things all from scratch? How easily do we pay for food and therefore forget its origin? How different are industrial production and self-grown produce?

This experimental cooking project is inspired from reflections above. Lamnui, the experimenter, once considered herself a gourmet until she had her first step on soil. She has transformed from an angry herbivore to a hypocritical omnivore after studying in Europe. Persisting in real food and pursuing slow food, she now cooks to search a sustainable way of living and the taste of Hong Kong.

Co-creative Partner: Small and Beautiful Club

Nuts and Bolts Under the Stairs

Let’s get hands-on experience in 1) dismantling old iron desks and chairs; 2) assembling furniture fittings with metal parts obtained — and they are free to be taken away! Simple processing tips will also be provided for our future reference!

Co-creative Partner: MUDwork

Exchanging Kitchen

What is our summer harvest in Hong Kong? Provided some nice local produce in season, how would all of us from different countries, cultures and families make use of them? Let’s know more about these lovely crops, process them according to your personal liking and share your unique “farm to table” feast with new friends!

Co-creative Partner: Kong Yeah

Nice to Meet You

One of our members will be in Taipei and invite random strangers from Taiwan to livechat with participants in Free Market. Everyone has their everyday struggles and life is about solving problems. Does your situation resonate with others? Or a confession to a stranger can somehow inspire you? Let’s see.

Co-creative Partner: Bird Eats Fish

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