Event Details
Multimedia Performance

along a track of light
a new star is founded

Creative Directions: Kingsley NG
Composition: Steve HUI (aka Nerve)
Choreography + performance: Carmen LI Ka-man, LO King-san
Stage Production: Hahaha Concept Band

Laboratorio Para La Ciudad

Mexico City

Clorinda ROMO
Director of Creative Strategy and Projects

Mexico City is a perfect example of rapid urbanization, with promises and challenges shared by many other parts of the world: large and historical, nonetheless hindered by infrastructural deficiencies and environmental problems, growing fast but perhaps too fast for sufficient provision of services, culturally diverse but divided by class, demographically young, which means an enormous demand for job opportunities… In response, the Mexican City government contracts it out — Laboratorio Para La Ciudad is a government-commissioned, citizens-driven laboratory for urban innovation. Led by a multidisciplinary team with experts in artificial intelligence, architects, journalists, urban geographers, artists, designers, filmmakers, internationalists, etc, the Lab unleashes the creative energies of the megalopolis’s 22 million inhabitants to inject good ideas back into the city’s system. Along its many civic undertakings, the lab’s first and foremost experiment is to foster new ways of engagement to give the disconnect between government and citizens a creative spin. “What if government went beyond administration, promoting innovation, and even possibly channeling imagination? What if government was not just a regulator, but a true catalyzer for change?”


Latimer Group


Matthew HAY
Co-founder and Managing Director


Latimer Group has changed the game of advertising industry by enlisting young people to co-create media contents and campaigns in collaboration with their favourite brands, broadcasters and charities. From mapping millennials’ lifestyles through social listening and digital ethnography, to addressing animal cruelty and promoting the awareness of grassroots filmmakers, Latimer taps into the creativity of young people for meaningful insight and authentic content. Latimer’s collaborative process offers young audiences the opportunities to work alongside the brands and organisations they care about, equips them with the right skills and plugs them into the right networks, and brings about direct benefits, including recognized credentials and employment. To date, Latimer has co-created with over 60,000 young people across 33 countries and reached over 23 million people worldwide through its campaigns. In doing so, it has created 200 jobs for the youth network it supports, and launched its own co-creation platform, Bulbshare, which facilitates the collaborative process between brands and organisations and the audiences they seek to serve.


Osaka / Yamagata / Tokyo

Noriko DENO
Community Designer


From building physical structures to cultivating intangible systems, studio-L helps local communities identify and solve social problems by reconnecting people to one another and their habitats. For example, they revitalized a strained department store by converting it into a ten-storey block of “gardens,” where people in the neighbourhood can run community events and support local businesses at the same time. They also worked with residents in Fukushima to renovate old buildings into a new museum, whose purpose was only not to attract tourists, but also to bring the community together for new construction. Lately, to tackle the challenge of an aging society, a project gets the elderly to befriend the young generation—leveraging friendship as the best social support of all times. An advocate of Community Design, they define the term as “empowerment of locals through design that makes them happy.” The final goal of studio-L is that people in every society, even without community designers, can find solutions for their own social problems.