MaD 2017 International Assembly – Activities Online Pre-registration

*Pre-registration has already ended. Participants will receive an email of on-site registration on 17 July 2017, please stay tuned.

In MaD 2017, you will choose your own activities, but instead of picking things like a consumer concerned about your own interests, could you take part with a new mindset? Let’s take the activities as spaces for:


We appreciate that you would like to take an active part, but programme spaces are limited. If each of us is mindful and register 1 centrestage activity and 1 non-centrestage activity only, there should be spaces for everyone. And of course, you can always join the activities that do not require pre-registration with more flexible capacity.

To make the sharing of places easier for 1,300 people, we will do pre-registration. You can plan your day ahead of time. In case you really could not join the activities you have pre-registered, you could exchange places with fellow participants on site. But make sure you do this in good time so your booked places would not be wasted.


As this is an assembly, we are not here to drink from a built fountain, but to dig a well together. Further to enjoying and gaining inspirations in the activities, you will also proactively contribute to the content and collaboratively make the forum a meaningful process. This assembly counts on you.

Get Ready for the Pre-registration
  1. Study the programmes here and think about your own MaD journey!
  2. Have your participant code (4 digits) ready. It is sent to you via email. This is your own participant code and is only valid for yourself.
    (If you have not received it, please contact asap.)
  3. Read the FAQs below and note the details of the pre-registration.
  4. You can register and secure your place for:
    1. 1 Centrestage Activity
    2. 1 Non-centretage Activity
    3. 1 Centrestage OR 1 Non-centrestage Activity
      **Option C is on first-come-first-served basis.
  5. Each session of pre-registered activities has a specific quota, and is on first-come-first-served basis.


1. How should I get my participant code?

All confirmed participants shall receive their own participant code through email. Your participant number should have been sent to you through email.
At the moment confirmed participants should have received:

– An official email of confirmation of participation issued by MaD.
– An email that provides you with your participant code.

If you have submitted the admission fee but have not received the above, please contact us at with the following format:

Email Subject: MaD2017_Participant_Registration_ [Your Name];
And include the following information in the content:
A. Participant name & email (same as the one you have registered)
B. Method of payment and payment date
C. Attachment financial proof (e.g. bank-in slip, electronic receipt etc.)

2. There are several activities of the same name, but in different time slots, are there any differences?

Activities of the same name are identical. You do not have to register more than 1 time slot with the same activity.

3. Why are there some activities not on the list of registration?

Some activities, Ripple Forum, Asian Changemakers Jam, Free Market, and The Park Lab, do not require prior registration. Participants could feel free to walk into these activities without prior registration.

Participants who have a specific concept to share in the Free Market could register on or before 7 Jul on a separate platform. Please click here for further details.

4. What if I registered for two sessions at the same time-slot?

Our system prevents participants from registering two sessions with time-slots clashes, as it is not possible for participants to take part in two sessions at the same time. Please plan your schedule smart.

For example,
– On 23 July, if you join “Cinema” at 10:00 AM – 12:00 NN, you will not be able to join “Exchange” at 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, even though only half an hour is crashed.

Please note that for all the sessions taking place at Black Box Theatre and Rehearsal Room, the on-site registration will start 10 minutes prior to the session begins. If you cannot show up within this 10 minutes, your place may be given to those in the waiting queue.

5. After the submission of our choices, could I change them online?

Please note that participants could not change their registration options online once they have submitted their registration. Please study the programme details carefully before submitting your registration. Please keep a record of your choices during registration. Your registered activities will be shown on the participant pass as well.

We encourage our participants to exchange with other participants their timeslots in the Assembly. There will be a designated counter set up in the Kwai Tsing Theatre. You can go to the counter and explore possibilities there.

6. Why are there some timeslots on the form that cannot be registered?

Pre-registered activities are subject to quota and on first-come-first-served basis. In case you would like to join that activity, you could try to queue around 15 minutes earlier before the commencement of the activity.

7. What if I missed the online pre-registration?

Most activities have sufficient quota for participants. You may refer to corresponding volunteers for details during the forum. However, we strongly encourage participants to do their online pre-registration. This does not only show that you are a responsible MaDee but also secures your favourable Assemblies / activities.

8. The registration form cannot be loaded, what can I do?

Please check your browser, the form is only supported in Google Chrome and Safari. Please do not use Internet Explorer.