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Founded in 2009, MaD (Make a Difference) inspires and empowers young people all over Asia to come up with creative responses to our time’s challenges. It has evolved as a collaborative platform of creative changemakers that works at the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and discovery to bring about positive changes in Asia.

MaD’s multifaceted portfolio includes the annual MaD Festival and year-round creative initiatives, such as the Jockey Club Make a Difference School, Jockey Club Make a Difference Social Lab, MaD Good Lab, urban pioneering projects, creative collaborations with corporations and arts and culture organizations and regional exchanges. MaD supports the growth of a vibrant creative ecology, and values cross-sector synergy and co-creation opportunities, empathetic collaboration and sustainable practices.

Formerly an anchor project of the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture, since 2014 MaD has been steered by Make A Difference Institute, a community-initiated organization and a registered non-profit under Section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance. Make A Difference Institute is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors from diverse disciplines, including arts and culture, social innovation, education and business.


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